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Amazing places you've (probably) never been 

Amazing Places

Locations that are out of this world

Think you’ve been everywhere, or at least heard everything there is to see and do in this big wide world? That's a big call. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet... Read more »


Review: Dreamworld

School holidays coming up? Why not take the kids for a day at Dreamworld and Whitewater World?

Travel Basics

Learn the lingo

Packing efficiently for a big trip is well and good, but how useful will it be if you can't speak with locals?

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Language barriers can leave us in a pickle at the best of times, and signage like this won't exactly help...



Latest Features


Photo of the Day: Best of August 

Did you follow our Photo of the Day series in August? Fear not, we've gathered all the best shots in one place for your viewing pleasure...  Read more »

Best of August

Take a look inside The Peninsula Hong Kong

Regularly voted among the best of the best, the grand old hotel has welcomed everyone from film stars to royalty. Take a tour inside. Read more »


Tumbling around the world 

To celebrate the launch of the Totaltravel Tumblr page, we've put together a selection of inspiring photos that will leave you ready to travel. Read more »


A Maldivian honeymoon to remember

Trading surfboard for snorkel, beer for cocktail, Angie whisked her husband away for a belated honeymoon (five years and two kids later!). Read more »

Maldivian Honeymoon




Travel Blogs

Our seasoned travel experts share their tips, tricks and hints to the perfect holiday. Read more »

Totaltravel News

Travel News

Catch up on all of the latest and greatest travel news happening right around the world. Read more »

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Check out our photo of the day archives to see some of the world's best travel images. Read more »



Mega Stars Travel Snaps

Wonder what celebs get up to on their travels? Thanks to social media, you can now take a look...  Read more »


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